...because from small seeds, small trees can grow
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Flit Bonsai Logo Tree

This website has been set up to help beginners learn the art of growing and caring for bonsai from a seedling to a partially or fully trained potted tree.

It is intended to give as much help and guidance to all aspects of bonsai growing, training and care as possible to beginners and more experienced bonsai enthusiasts. Those who wish to become more involved in the spiritual side of bonsai can also indulge themselves in the study of Chinese, Japanese and Eastern culture.

The workshops are designed to be as practical as possible, and offer everyone a chance to work on a wide variety of trees and raw material in a friendly relaxed atmosphere.

Bonsai training material and raw material is available from the Flit Bonsai Nursery.


The siteprovides information on the history of bonsai, different species and how to propagate them, and details of workshops on the art of bonsai growing and the care of bonsai, trees for sale, and of a re-potting service.
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